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Islamonweb is managed and published by the Mission Soft Foundation (MSF), a non-profit Indian organisation, The MSF was founded mainly to establish and maintain digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps, e-books, software, programs to disseminate information, news, views, knowledge and values and to establish and maintain news portals, websites and apps and other various of forms of digital platforms.

Our revenue model
The Mission Soft Foundation is registered as a non-profit and sustains itself through contributions from readers like yourself, grants from foundations and some advertising revenue. Other smaller sources of income include courses, workshops, events and content syndication.
We try to maintain our advertisement revenue small and limited to ensure our operations' independence and provide a more comfortable reading experience for those who access our content through different methods.

You can donate to Mission Soft Foundation / Islamonweb by clicking on Here you can make one-time, monthly, or annual contributions. You can also send your donations via cheques, payable to

Mission Soft Foundation

Pannakkad, Pattarkadavu PO, Malappuram District of Kerala, India - 676519.

Subscription /Recurring Payment Model
This model relies on small sums of money from large numbers of people.
The Mission Soft Foundation reaches out proactively to each user willing to support and helps us with a fixed amount at regular intervals. This subscription model is our bread and butter as it becomes a precious and predictable source of income.

Content development and publishing is a human-intensive exercise. Any content published by Mission Soft Foundation (Islamonweb, thesite and other projects) requires at least 3-4 individuals to work on it actively. To keep ourselves sustainable, we have to create a predictable and stable source of income. A recurring support plan by our readers and viewers helps us a lot.

A donation as low as RS 100 is critical for us as every tiny bit counts. When you commit to supporting us with Rs 100 every month, it gives us the confidence to continue doing our work.

Benefits for Recurring Donors
We are working on a non-profit donation model. So you are donations held as part of your social and spiritual commitment.

However, we would love to give you something in exchange for your support. However, the income tax rules prevent us from doing so. Therefore, if we offer you anything in exchange for your support, the amount collected will be regarded as commercial revenue, not a donation.

 But we may offer discounts on our courses, workshops and events for our donors. As well we may offer a discount from our partners too.


Foreign Donation
We only accept donations from Indian citizens and Indian entities as prescribed by the law. If you are a non-resident Indian (NRI), you can still donate your NRI accounts.  But Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Foreign Nationals may not...
The Mission Soft Foundation will retain your email id and mobile number to ensure that payment confirmation or failure can be recorded and intimated. The tax laws also mandate that we must gather personally identifiable information, such as the name, email id, phone number, and address of all contributors, to extend tax benefits. Other information such as PAN card details for amounts above Rs 4999 is retained as per current tax laws.

Privacy Protection

The Mission Soft Foundation does not share any information you share during the payment process with any third party other than the payments service providers. We also promise not to sell or trade your information in any form. Furthermore, the data collected during the process is stored to comply with the best data security protocols in the industry. For more details on our privacy policy, please click here

Razor pay Receipt when I make a donation/contribution?
Razorpay is the payment gateway The Mission Soft Foundation used to collect donations online. Every supporter will receive an invoice from Razorpay and a receipt from The Mission Soft Foundation.

Tax Information
Contributions made to The Mission Soft Foundation are not tax-exempt under 80G of the Income Tax Act at present. However, we are working on it, and once we receive the required approval from Income Tax Department, we will update the policy.

Cancellation and Refund

All recurring contributions remain active until cancelled. Once donated and transferred to our accounts, the amount cannot be refunded as we are working on a donation model. You can cancel your recurring payment subscription at any time through our donation management system.


Other Way to Support Mission Soft Foundation

Individuals wish to support our Foundation beyond contributing monetarily. They can do any or all of the following.

- Volunteer for Content Development
- Volunteer with Graphic Designing

- Volunteer with Web and App Development
- Share our stories and spread the word during donation campaigns
- Volunteer during events
- Volunteer as researchers

Contact us
For donation related queries and concerns, you can write to For content published on our platforms, you can write to

You may also contact us via Whatsapp on +91 999 5950 311



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