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Islamonweb.net is an initiative by the Mission Soft Foundation to extend its online education and enlightenment mission to a wider audience. Launched in the Malayalam Language by a group of Hudawi scholars, Darul Huda Islamic University graduates, Kerala, India in 2010, Islamonweb has already been expanded to Urdu Kannada, Bangla and Telugu languages.

Although the information is abundant and at everyone's fingertips, it is easy to get confused by the unbridled spread of inadequate and unauthentic information. In view of these facts, Islamonweb aims to present authentic information with clarity and balance, and within the Islamic worldview.


The philosophy of Islamonweb is inspired by adhān, the Islamic Call to Prayer. As an act of call to prayer (ṣalāh) and success (falaḥ), adhān inspires Islamonweb to grow as a minaret of Islam whereby we share the divine wisdom (ḥikmah), subscribing to the notions of comprehensive excellence (iḥsān).

To know more about the philosophy, you may read this article.


Islamonweb envisions to be a reliable virtual platform to offer vibrant discourses on issues related to Islam and the Muslim world and to present Islamic perspectives on important emerging topics.


Islamonweb strives to enrich renewed discourses on/academic inquiry into major Islamic themes such as God, Prophethood, Scripture and Afterlife. It also promotes theses related to comprehensive excellence, justice and higher objectives of the Sharīʿah. It seeks to examine and analyze trends and issues in the field of education, mental health and gender from an Islamic perspective. It deliberates various aspects of the socio-cultural life of Muslims in different parts of the world and showcases their artistic, aesthetic and architectural expressions


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